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About the Author - Eric Wilson

     The director of business planning for an international company and a thought leader and advisor for Institute of Business Forecasting.  J. Eric Wilson has been working in the fields of business forecasting and analytics for over twenty years. He is a certified professional forecaster who appeared in the Top 20 Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive in 2015. He regularly writes peer-reviewed articles on forecasting and predicative analytics and was awarded the Excellence in Business Forecasting and Planning award by the Institute of Business Forecasting in 2016.   

    Wilson has a passion for history and politically he was a leader in the 9/12 Project and liberty movement who has appeared on multiple shows including Glenn Beck's and Neil Cavuto's programs, Voice of America, and the BBC. He has also been featured in the Washington Post, Focus on Family, Reuters, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal. 


   Time may be linear, but history is circular. Every culture that ever existed, from the earliest agrarian communities to the diverse subsets of the United States today, has been subject to recurring patterns of events. Through a mixture of historical acumen and big-data analytics, these events can be studied and predicted. In Cultural Cycles, business forecaster J. Eric Wilson applies his knowledge of predictive analytics to the history of human cultures, with specific emphasis on the United States. 

     Wilson demonstrates a predictable cycle of historic extremes from periods of abundance and growth to cultural crises, or "resets" marked by disastrous social and political upheaval. At its worst, a reset can destroy a culture - and any nations strong enough to survive such events are forever changed. 

    Closely examining the historical cycles of the United States from the seventeenth century to the present, Wilson argues that the nation is poised for its next cataclysmic reset. The nation's future lies in the balance - and Wilson's recommendations can help us prepare.   

    A fascinating, easily understood exploration of history and analytics, Cultural Cycles uses practical reasoning and intuitive insight to reveal what many sense - the next great turn of the wheel of history   

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Examining the History of the United States - Why It Repeats Itself, and the Next Looming Reset  


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